2019 Honda Insight Exterior Dimensions

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2019 Honda Insight Exterior Dimensions

2019 Honda Insight Exterior Dimensions Insight is very similar in size and proportions of the Honda Civic Sedan, but its clean lines actually make our eye look better. This is much more appealing than the traditional Toyota Prius-which seems strange in its strange love. The “Compact sedan ” starts with the looks of Insight’s not to scream anything else. The first two generations of insight were Look-at-Me hybrids; The first two-door hatchback shape looks exactly like the Prius Fighter Prius with the wheel covers and a second egg shaped.

The 2019 insight is both more mature, and shades are down to the current Civic appearance to get some conservative. This deal is very, very useful, including a touch screen, some debt and gets the best of both parent genes-I think the styles, not Martin Sheen. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter inline-4 and electric motor Combo makes 151 horsepower and drives the front wheels only. Not particularly fast, but understanding is very fuel efficient. Our calculators are about 55 MPG, thought the EPA’s estimates combined mileage better.

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The ride is smooth and occurs, though sometimes slightly noisy. The official Crash data is missing, but the 2019 insight comes standard with active safety features including automatic emergency braking with advanced collision warnings, active Lane control, and automatic headlights. Although insight starts for a basic LX version less than $24,000, we see the most value in the middle of the artist with Insight EX. It offers a 8.0-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android automatic compatibility, 16-inch wheels, a set of digital instruments, Honda’s telematics and cloth flooring.

The Insight Touring is about $29,000, which begins more than the wider Accord Hybrid model we would recommend to the mid-size buyers.

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Honda is taking its insight Hybrid down a different path than many other companies have followed up with petrol-electric fuel sippers. Instead of emphasising his green cred, Honda has designed the idea to be quite similar to the traditional Sedan Honda Civic character – just to get the understanding fantastic MPG. It’s a good thing Civic is one of our favorite compact cars and it’s given the same solid machining and comfortable driving insight benefits. The complex hybrid drivetrain is mostly silent and unobtrusive. It looks more mature and luxurious than the Civic is actually the best round and cherry on the sympathetic package.

Insight is new to all 2019. The Civic Sedan has a completely different setup under the hood that rides on the same wheelbase but combines a gasoline engine with unique styling, revised interiors, and a couple of electric motors.

2019 Honda Insight Interior

You’ll sit in the front seat of your field of sight, but there’s enough room to reach. Adjustable lumbar support is missing in the driver’s seat, however, which is disappointing. The rear seats have plenty of room for two adults.

Insight’s internal properties and finishes bargain in a well-assessed middle ground between Bodrum and Premium. The dashboard contains some nice stitches but it is the same as any other Civic’s. A customizable digital gauge in the dashboard can display a variety of information from fuel economy data to speed limit information.

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2019 Honda Insight Exterior Dimensions

The exterior is standard in all versions of sharp-looking LED headlights and taillights insight. While the tour adds bigger wheels, a sunroof and some chrome trim, the LX and EX ornaments look the same, otherwise. The rest of the palette basically has blue and red color paint options, which are essentially grayscale.

2019 Honda Insight Engine

Insight makes balancing spry acceleration with more stingy fuel economy than most hybrids in a better job. Nearly as quickly as many traditionally strengthened compact cars (and other hybrid opponents here are faster ways to test). The combination of a gas engine and electric motors is rarely noticed as something unusual.

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There is a lot going on under the Hood in the insight-a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine that works with two electric motors. The installation provides a combined 151 horsepower, which motivates the insight from zero to 60 mph in just 7.7 seconds. At these low speeds you can run the electric drive motor alone for roughly one mile, but demand more power and the petrol engine will kick smoothly. The engine may be noticeable in getting louder under hard acceleration, but the insight’s engine is otherwise quiet and refined.

2019 Honda Insight Price

We think mid-level insight EX is the best value game. Just $1230 the basic Insight LX $23,725 price More, the EX adds a load of features. It’s not as fully kitted as the top-spec Touring $28,985 Insight, but it still sounds like equipment:

  • 8.0-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Keyless input and push-button start
  • Lanecan Blind-Spot camera system

Insight EX only comes under $25,000 ($24,955) and does not offer any factory options.