2025 Honda Ridgeline: New Fuel-Efficient Midsize Pickup Truck Review

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2025 Honda Ridgeline is expected to continue offering its complete formula along with the changes made in the new model year. For 2024, Honda reworked the Ridgeline’s interior elements, added more technology, and introduced the off-road-focused TrailSport trim. Defying convention with its unibody construction, the Honda Ridgeline challenges its rivals, including the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma.

We are sure you will love the 2025 Honda Ridgeline, which has many features to offer. Its unibody construction and fully independent suspension make it easy and fun to drive compared to conventional body-on-frame pickups.

The stout V-6 engine allows for quick acceleration, although towing is still lacking compared to the Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma.

The Ridgeline’s five-foot bed is modest but has a spacious underfloor storage bin, doubling as a refrigerator and bi-directional rear doors. Updates for 2024 include:

  • A larger screen.
  • Wireless mobile device mirroring.
  • More storage space in the center console makes the interior an even better place to spend time.

Based on our experience with the 2024 Honda Passport TrailSport, we don’t expect the most challenging version of the Ridgeline to be an off-road revelation. Still, upgraded tires, taller suspension and tuning, and underbody protection, among other improvements, should make soft roads a little easier.

If Honda decides to release the next-generation Ridgeline, it won’t be long before it does. The interior shows signs of aging compared to newer models in the automaker’s lineup, but other than that, we think the trunk still has a lot going for it as a practical pickup.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Review

Since its debut in 2017, the second-generation Honda Ridgeline has been one of our favorite midsize pickups. Because it uses a car-based rather than a truck-based platform, the Ridgeline rides more comfortably than many competitors.

Although Honda Ridgeline models are incapable of off-road use, trims like the TrailSport give the Ridegline all-terrain capability. The only problem is the Ridgeline’s age.

Since its introduction, every other midsize truck has been completely redesigned or new to the field. Honda can’t afford to let the younger generation outperform the automaker’s only pickup, which is one of the reasons the Ridgeline will probably be a new car by 2025.

The Ridgeline is based on the three-row Honda Pilot SUV, particularly the previous generation Pilot. This large crossover was redesigned in 2023, and its two-row variant, the Passport, will be overhauled in 2025. Rather than continuing the Ridgeline as the only vehicle using the old platform, opting for a redesigned 2025 Ridgeline with all the latest features makes more sense.

If Honda launches the new Ridgeline, expect to see a larger exterior design, an updated infotainment system, and an interior aesthetic that mimics Honda’s latest products. One thing that is likely to stay the same is its 3.5-liter V6 engine. The Pilot carries over this powertrain between generations, and the Ridgeline will undoubtedly follow in its footsteps.

  • Smooth ride and safe handling for a pickup
  • Versatile two-way tailgate and large lockable trunk
  • Spacious and comfortable crew cabin
  • Potential Redesign for 2025
  • We expect the new Ridgeline to come with a more rigid exterior design
  • Likely to be powered by a carryover V6
  • A happy medium between truck and crossover
  • Thoughtful in-bed features
  • Spacious interior

2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

The Japanese car manufacturer also underwent a redesign, most recently for the 2025 model year. We expect the new Ridgeline to have a more rigid exterior design.

The potential 2025 redesign is expected to be significant, both interior and exterior. The second-generation Honda Ridgeline is getting old after its debut in 2017.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid

On the other hand, AutoEvolution Media also recently discussed the next-generation Ridgeline, potentially coming for the 2025 model year with the Hybrid concept. This was hypothetical talk of a hybrid powertrain sitting under the hood of a redesigned unibody midsize pickup truck.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Interior

Every 2025 Honda Ridgeline will come in one configuration: a crew cab paired with a 5-foot bed. While the bed and cabin lag behind some of its competitors regarding space, the Ridgeline makes up for what it lacks with intelligent features that help make life comfortable.

Under the bed, a 7.3 cubic foot cargo space doubles as an ice chest with a drain plug. The rear door can be swung down or to the side for easy access.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Payload

We expect the 2025 Honda Ridgeline to have the same towing and payload specifications as last year. It can tow a trailer weighing up to 5,000 pounds, and its bed can carry up to 1,583 pounds. Rivals like the Chevrolet Colorado beat it with a towing capacity of 7,700 pounds and a maximum payload of 1,684 pounds.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Technology

Every 2025 Honda Ridgeline is expected to receive a 9.0-inch infotainment touchscreen. This screen has Apple CarPlay and Android wireless capabilities, Bluetooth audio, and SiriusXM. Navigation and voice recognition are available.

All 2025 Ridgeline are expected to receive a standard wireless charging pad. Seven-speaker audio will be standard for most trims, while Black Edition models receive an upgraded eight-speaker setup.

Most trims get one USB-A port and one USB-C port in the front, while the Black Edition adds two ports in the rear.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Competitor

The 2025 Honda Ridgeline will face stiff competition from other pickups that follow the Ridgeline, including the Jeep Gladiator and the recently updated Toyota Tacoma. Revisit Edmunds in the coming months to learn more about what 2025 has in store for the Ridgeline.

Close competitors include:

  1. Chevrolet Colorado
  2. Ford Ranger
  3. Toyota Tacoma
  4. Gladiator jeep

2025 Honda Ridgeline MPG

Every 2025 Honda Ridgeline is expected to be equipped with the same powertrain, a formula we hope to carry through to 2025. All models receive a 3.5-liter V-6 engine with 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque, a nine-speed automatic transmission, and standard all-wheel drive.

We assume the 2025 Honda Ridgeline can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. We anticipate that the 2025 Honda Ridgeline’s fuel economy will continue from the previous model year, rated at 18/24 mpg city/highway for most trims and 18/23 mpg for the TrailSport.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Safety

The Honda Sensing suite of 2025 Honda Ridgeline active driver assistance technologies will likely be installed on every pickup truck. These features include front automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Parking sensors are the only option that is not expected to be standard on more basic trims.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Models

The 2025 Honda Ridgeline is a midsize crew cab pickup in four trim levels: Sport, RTL, TrailSport, and Black Edition. All Ridgelines are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine (280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque) mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

It is offered in a single configuration with four doors and a 5-foot-4-inch bed. Please keep reading for our breakdown of the Ridgeline’s most significant standard features and options.


The base Sport trim starts you off with:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • LED headlights
  • Lights on the tailgate
  • Keyless entry and ignition
  • Three-zone automatic climate control
  • 9-inch touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration (both with wireless connectivity)
  • Seven-speaker sound system
  • Wireless phone charger
  • Class III trailer hitch with seven-pin connector
  • Honda Sensing safety package which includes:
    • Adaptive cruise control (adjusts speed to maintain a constant distance between the vehicle and the car in front)
    • Lane-keeping assist (steers the Ridgeline back into its lane if it starts to drift past lane markers)
    • Forward collision mitigation (warns you of an imminent collision and brakes in specific scenarios)
    • Blind spot warning (warns you if a vehicle in the next lane is in your blind spot)


Moving to RTL adds some convenience, such as:

  • Noise-canceling windshield
  • Heated mirrors
  • Sunroof
  • Power-sliding rear window
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • Driver’s seat memory settings
  • Heated and power-adjustable front seats
  • Leather upholstery


Upgrading the Ridgeline with:

  • All-terrain tires
  • Off-road-tuned suspension
  • Underbody skid plates
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Synthetic upholstery with orange stitching
  • Navigation system
  • Front and rear parking sensors (alert you to obstacles that may not be visible in front or behind the vehicle when parking)

Black Edition

The Black Edition has the same features as the TrailSport except for off-road upgrades and exceptional synthetic upholstery. It also comes with:

  • Dark exterior trim
  • Black leather interior with red accents
  • Black wheels
  • Upgraded sound system
  • Second-row USB charger port
  • Household-style power outlet in the bed
  • Ventilated front seats
  • Heated outboard rear seats

Some packages available across the Ridgeline range include:

  • Function+ package
    • Utility hook
    • Cargo net in the bed
    • All-season floor mats
    • Cargo bed cover
  • HPD+ (Honda Performance Development) package.
    • Wheels in black
    • Fender flares
    • HPD emblem and stickers
    • Special front grille
    • Oil pan guard
  • Utility package+
    • Roof rails and crossbars
    • Running boards

2025 Honda Ridgeline Price

We estimate the price of the New Model 2025 Honda Ridgeline starts at $42,145 and goes up to $48,745, depending on the trim options you choose.

Black Edition$48,745

2025 Honda Ridgeline Release Date

  • Release date: Fall 2024


The New Honda Ridgeline will certainly be more comfortable and smooth to drive than other similar-sized models. This Truck model also has plenty of storage, and many standard driver assistance features. The 2025 Ridgeline is capable of hauling, towing, and off-roading, and its interior technology is good. Overall, we think this is a highly functional midsize truck that is worth considering.

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FAQs: People also ask about the 2025 Honda Ridgeline

Q: Will the Honda Ridgeline be redesigned in 2025?

A: The Ridgeline is based on the three-row Honda Pilot SUV—specifically, the previous-generation Pilot. The big crossover was redesigned in 2023, and its two-row variant, the Passport, will be overhauled in 2025.

Q: What are the negatives of a Honda Ridgeline?

A: Some cons of the Honda Ridgeline include towing capacity. Although the towing capacity is respectable, larger trucks need to be improved. The increased comfort means that off-road capabilities have been decreased. Lastly, there are limited trim options compared to other trucks.

Video Discovery: The Honda Ridgeline Trailsport is a new midsize truck you should BUY

So far, we expect the new 2025 Ridgeline to get some changes from Honda that are better than the previous year. However, there are no impressions of the new 2025 model yet. However, the 2024 model still has a good look on the outside, where you will find a refreshed front fascia, alloy grill, and off-road tires. Inside, there is an updated center console. Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 engine mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission.