2019 Honda Insight Exterior Colors

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2019 Honda Insight Exterior Colors

2019 Honda Insight Exterior Colors Honda is taking its hybrid penetration by a different path that many other companies have followed with their gasoline-electric fuel sippers. Instead of emphasizing its green credibility, Honda has designed the Insight to be a fairly conventional sedan similar in the character of the Honda Civic-only penetration happens to get fantastic MPG. That’s a good thing given that the Civic is one of our favorite compact cars, and the penetration benefits from the same solid manipulation and comfortable ride. Its hybrid propellant complex is mostly silent and discreet. The fact that it looks more mature and exclusive than the Civic is the cherry on top of a well rounded and nice package.

With 151 net horsepower, the 2019 Insight is more powerful than its closest rivals, the Toyota Prius 121-HP and the 139-hp Hyundai Ioniq, however, the Honda still offers a competitive fuel economy. The 2019 Insight LX and EX trims have an EPA rating of 55/49 mpg city/highway, while the top spin setting has a lower rating of 51/45 mpg.

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The 2018 Prius has an almost identical rating to the Trims LX and EX Insight, delivering 54/50 mpg, but the Prius Eco (one of the lower trims) increases efficiency to 58/53 mpg. The base 2019 Ioniq Blue Trim Tops all at 57/59 mpg, and the highest ornaments are rated at 55/54 mpg. The Insight hybrid system consists of a 1.5-liter I-4 that produces 107 HP and 99 lb-ft of torque, an electric drive motor that makes 129 HP and 197 lb-ft of torque, a generator engine and a 60-cell lithium-ion battery pack.

Packaging a hybrid vehicle without consuming indoor space and functionality is not easy, but Honda has figured it out with some ingenious techniques. The battery pack and the small 10.6-gallon fuel tank are housed under the rear seats, allowing the trunk to maintain the cargo capacity of the civic sedan from 14.7 to 15.1 cubic feet as well as the ability to fold down the seats. Further.

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The back seat is as spacious as the Civic and offers more space than the Prius and Ioniq. The Prius and Ioniq are hatchbacks and naturally provide more cargo space, but the penetration has more passenger volume and looks sharper inside and out. Neater trick: the penetration battery (not the battery pack) is not found under the hood or on the trunk but inside the cockpit, under the button shift lever.

Penetration already sports a high-tech hybrid propeller but also comes loaded with technology features. Honda’s standard detection package includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, rail keep support, road leakage mitigation, and traffic sign recognition the base LX adjustment also. Includes automatic high-beams, led flashlights with LED daytime running lights, LED taillights and brake lamps, push-start ignition, a USB port, a 7.0 inch instrument cluster screen, and a 5.0 inch Entertainment screen This comes out at a starting price of $23,725, less than the 2018 Prius ‘ output price of $24,395 and a little higher than the 2018 Ioniq $23,085. But with Hyundai’s base model, you will miss out on the great driver assistance features found in Honda’s detection.

Insight’s media EX-level clipping adds a 8.0 inch touchscreen, Apple’s display, auto Android, remote engine startup, a proximity key, Honda LaneWatch, and an additional USB port. The top spin setting will bring you trimmed leather seats, adjustable front seats and heated, a moonroof, mobile HotSpot capability, an up-to-date audio system of 10 speakers, a navigation system, LED Foglights, and a Honda link subscription that can remotely block/Unlock the car, help you find your car, and check the fuel and range status.

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If you choose to fit the top of tourism, you may forget that you are in an economic hybrid as soon as you sit on the leather seats punched trimmed and grip the thick, leather-wrapped sporty steering wheel. Passenger side door panels and dashboard feature soft-touch, leatherlike surfaces with double contrast seam. Unlike most vehicles, Insight has an area dedicated to cell phones right next to the Shift-by-wire electronic gear selector and two USB ports.

Insight’s instrument cluster also looks good with a 7.0-inch screen on the left side and an analog speedometer on the right. In the corners of the screen there is a small strip of illumination that changes color depending on the drive mode. The 8.0-inch touch screen of the center of the stack is crisp and sensitive and is neighboring by a volume knob that fortunately has found its way into penetration. The standard 10-speaker speaker (including the subwoofer), 450 watts, sounds like Premium as many name brand systems. In addition, most outdoor lighting uses LEDs, which looks neat at night.

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The Insight is new for 2019. It is mounted on the same wheelbase as the Civic sedan, but has a unique style, a revised interior, and a totally different configuration under the hood that combines a gasoline engine with a pair of electric motors. We believe that the EX-level vision is the best value game. For only $1230 more than the $23,725 price of the Insight LX base, the former adds a load of features. It’s not as complete as the Top-Spec, $28,985 Insight Touring, but it still comes with teams like:

  • 8.0 inch touchscreen with Apple display and Android auto
  • Keyless entry and pushbutton start
  • LaneWatch Blind Spot camera system

The Insight EX comes in just under $25,000 ($24,955) and offers no factory options.

2019 Honda Insight Exterior Colors

The 2019 Honda Insight is available in seven attractive color options, each of which is available in the LX, EX and Elite touring trim levels. You can see more or less what these colors look like in the images on this page (which are from the LX with each shadow). At this time there is no specialty color that are available only at the top levels. The exterior color options of 2019 Insight are:

  • Aegean Blue
  • Cosmic Blue
  • Crimson
  • Crystal Black
  • Lunar Silver
  • Modern steel
  • White Orchid