2019 Honda Insight EX Model Specs

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2019 Honda Insight EX Model Specs

2019 Honda Insight EX Model Specs The new 2019 Honda Insight hybrid sedan takes its looks from the Accord and rides on top of a frame borrowed from the Civic. None of that sounds like something bad for us. Insight gains a total of 7.0 thanks to its impressive fuel economy, comfortable interior and excellent safety ratings. Honda officials say Insight is the first step towards the largest automobile manufacturer’s strategy for electrification, but we see it as a final step for future small cars that will be the norm.

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It starts with Insight’s looks, which scream nothing but “compact sedan “. The first two generations of Insight were hybrids of look-at-me; The first was a two-door hatchback shape complete with wheel covers, and the second was an egg-shaped Prius wrestler with a similar look to the Prius. The 2019 Insight is more mature than both, and tones up some of the current civics to look for a conservative take. It also borrows a portion of the deal, including the handy touchscreen, and gets the best of both parents ‘ genes: think of Ben Stiller, not Martin Sheen.

Under the hood, an inline-4 electric motor with 1.5-liter and 151 horsepower turns on and only the front wheels drive. Not particularly fast, but Insight is very fuel efficient. Our calculators calculated the combined mileage at around 55 MPG, better than EPA estimates. The walk is soft and occurs occasionally though a bit noisy.

Official blocking data is missing, but 2019 Insight comes standard with active safety features, including automatic emergency braking, active lane control and automatic headlamp frontal collision warnings. While the opinion is less than $ 24,000 for an LX basic version, we see the highest value in the middle of alignment with Insight EX. It offers 8.0 inch touch screen, Apple cartridge and Android Auto compatibility, 16 inch wheels, a group digital device, Honda telematics and fabric upholstery.

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The Honda Insight has returned after six years of market hiatus. It is now a traditional sedan that fits between the agreement and the Civic in alignment. The Insight is powered by a hybrid powertrain consisting of a 107-hp 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine and an 129-hp electric motor for a combined system total of 151-hp. The Insight has five seats and includes Honda detection security features such as Lane exit warning, collision mitigation braking, lane maintenance assistance and adaptive cruise control with low tracking Speed.

Some standard features or available include Apple display and Android Auto, LED headlamps, fog lights and taillights, 17 inch aluminum wheels, dual zone temperature control, 8 way power driver seat, adjustable Leather seat, heated front seats, Bluetooth transmission, voice-activated navigation system with live traffic, SiriusXM satellite radio, HD Radio, 10 speaker audio system, Wi-Fi hotspot, detection wipers Rain, HomeLink, heated rear seats, electric moonroof and rearview mirror with automatic attenuation. The Insight is brand new for 2019.

By the numbers, the Insight is powered by an inline-4 1.5-liter that makes 107 horsepower matched to an 129-HP electric motor. The combined output is 151 HP and 197 lb-ft of torque, although Honda’s approach to hybrid propulsion can be something new for shoppers. The so-called “two-engine hybrid system” uses mainly the electric motor and the battery for propulsion, not the petrol engine. Under certain circumstances, the electric motor of the battery can feed the Insight without the petrol engine at all, or all three can clutch together to drive the front wheels.

This arrangement mostly omits the need for any type of conventional transmission — automatic or continuously automatic variable — and relay to a large extent the gasoline engine to function as an electric generator in most circumstances. The notable difference for most drivers is that the throttle motor is accelerated and its activity is not directly proportional. Sometimes the engine can work much to provide regenerative energy to the hybrid system, which can be more dense than expected. At other times, the engine may look very comfortable; The hybrid system has enough power to operate without inline-4.

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In any case, the Insight is a slower tick than other cars on the road, roughly in line with other affordable hybrids like the Toyota Prius. Our informal tests matched the acceleration of 0-60 mph about 10 seconds, but 0-30 mph is a little more impressive around the city than that figure would indicate. When passing or climbing, the Insight is quieter: two-lane road passes for rural areas may require early planning.

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Insight is equipped with EV, sports and ECON modes, which have a predictable effect, although the sport mode is not here. In our tests, toppling the Insight into Sport made the faster accelerator and the higher circuit of the engine faster (without mentioning some unnecessary engine noise in the cockpit), but it didn’t make it much faster. Switching to Econ mode loosens the throttle response, but does not force the vehicle more than usual in fully electric mode.

2019 Honda Insight EX Model Specs

We have found that Insight is best when operated without micromanagement; Start the car and go. Honda introduced a heavier-than-normal “kick switch” — about 25 percent of the accelerator is beyond a strong catch that seemed uncomfortable — so a relaxed attitude is better with Insight.

Insight touring begins at almost $29,000, which is more than the most spacious Accord Hybrid model we recommend to midsize shoppers.