2025 Honda Civic: Fun & Sporty Compact Hybrid Sedan Review

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2025 Honda Civic is a compact car that has long been a favorite of some for its balance of practicality, value, and driving comfort. In addition, this model has been a Top 10 award winner, receiving styling updates to keep it looking fresh and getting a hybrid variant.

For the 2025 model year, the Civic Hybrid model comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors producing a combined 200 horsepower. Honda claims the car is capable of a combined 50 mpg. The 150-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is now the only option for non-hybrid models, and it is less powerful but delivers impressive fuel efficiency.

The Civic is available in both sedan and hatchback body styles, and regardless of the iteration you select, it provides a balanced ride and agile handling. Standard driver assistance features are included in lower-trim non-hybrid variants; however, to access superior equipment and enhanced infotainment features, upgrading to the more costly Hybrid Sport and Hybrid Sport Touring models is necessary.

2025 Honda Civic Review

The 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid is on-trend, with much more power, better fuel economy, and lower costs. Also, for the 2025 model year, the new Civic Hybrid will replace the top two trim levels, EX and Touring, and the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

Instead, you get new Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring trim levels with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine powered by Honda’s two-motor hybrid system that produces 200 hp and 232 lb-ft of power. That is a weight gain of only 282 pounds compared to the nonhybrid Sport specification level, as well as a 20 horsepower increase and 55 lb-ft of torque.

In addition, the hybrid returns about 50/47/49 mpg city/highway/combined for the Sport Hybrid and Sport Touring trims, up from 33/42/36 mpg on the old EX model and 31/38/34 mpg on the old Touring model they replaced it with. That means you’ll go another 73 to 135 miles on a tank, depending on the trim level you compare it to.

You can also get the Civic Hybrid in sedan and hatchback body styles in both trim levels (in the latter, the hybrid replaces the EX-L and Sport Touring trims).

Also, the Sport Hybrid is objectively more luxurious than the Sport model. In addition to increased power and fuel economy, you also get a sunroof, heated front seats, and dual-zone automatic climate control. You also get active noise cancellation for a quieter interior and quieter and more fuel-efficient tires than the lower trims.

Go all out for the Sport Touring model, and Honda will even install special resonators in the wheels to further dampen road noise. We’ve long berated Honda for its noisy interiors, and if nothing else, you can’t say the company isn’t listening.

The Civic Sport Touring is quiet inside, the engine sounding a bit loud on start-up just in comparison as we’ve grown accustomed to how quiet this car is through traffic on electric power alone.

All Civics are equipped with tethered CarPlay and Android Auto; however, the Sport Touring upgrades these features to wireless. Additionally, it is equipped with a larger screen and includes Google Maps, Assistant, and other features. The Bose stereo, power front seats, wireless phone recharge, automatic wipers, and parking sensors are also included.

2025 Honda Civic

2025 Honda Civic Changes

The new 2025 Honda Civic indeed undergoes some changes in style and appearance, which is done to keep its style fresh for 2025. Revised headlights and reworked bumpers help visually identify the new model year from last year’s Civic.

The more significant news is the addition of the Civic Hybrid, with the hybrid powertrain being optional on the 2025 Honda Civic Sport trim level and standard on the top Sport Touring trim level.

The nonhybrid model, now limited to the LX and Sport trims, will only be offered with a nonturbo 4-liter engine; last year’s turbocharged 1.5-liter engine has been discontinued. Furthermore, the 2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Hatchback no longer offers the manual transmission, which means that gearshifts are now exclusively reserved for the sportier Civic Si and Civic Type R models.

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid

With the growing demand for hybrid powertrains, Honda is seizing the opportunity to give customers what they want with the new 2025 Civic hybrid. Two new hybrid-powered trim levels join the Civic lineup to deliver fuel economy that rivals the Prius, and the top model offers new technology with Google’s suite of built-in apps.

The new Civic Sport Hybrid and Civic Touring Hybrid models will share the same powertrain as the Accord and CR-V hybrids: a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine coupled with two electric motors. However, the electric motors are slightly omitted in this model, resulting in a total output of 200 hp and 232 lb-ft.

We anticipate the new hybrid model will be even more rapid than the Si, which has shed 40 lb-ft of weight. According to Honda, the Civic hybrid is expected to achieve an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 50 mpg in the combined driving cycle, in addition to the increased thrust.

In addition, the Civic Hybrid’s Sport mode provides some smarts but doesn’t feel out of place. Simulated gear shifts occur at higher engine rpm, and a little extra internal combustion soundtrack is thrown in to accentuate the unshifted gears.

While Normal mode cancels out whatever level of take-off regeneration you request via the steering wheel pedals when you step back on the accelerator, Sport will retain your settings and allow for something approaching single-pedal driving – think three-quarter-pedal driving.

Sport mode also increases steering effort, but you can avoid this on the 2025 Honda Civic Sport Touring trim by mixing and matching settings in Individual mode. With the Civic Hybrid’s fuel efficiency at 75 mph, preliminary EPA figures are promising, at 50 mpg in the city and 47 on the highway.

2025 Honda Civic Specs

The car is quick and responsive in the default Normal mode, happily leaping over traffic jams at city and highway speeds. Sport mode only makes the throttle more sensitive and the steering heavier; the Eco throttle becomes dull, and the AC becomes dull. You will be fine in the default settings as the Civic Hybrid still drives well and handles large potholes and patches well.

2025 Honda Civic Hybrid Specifications

Base Price$29,845
LayoutFront-Engine, Fwd, 5-Pass, 4-Door Sedan/Hatchback
Engine2.0l/141-Hp/131-Lb-Ft Dohc 16-Valve I-4 Plus 2x Front Electric Motors, 200 Hp/232 Lb-Ft Comb
Transmission1-Speed Auto
Curb Weight3,200-3,250 Lb (Mfr)
Wheelbase107.7 In
L X W X H184.8 X 70.9 X 55.7 In
0-60 Mph0.0-0.0 Sec (Mt Est, Mfr Est)
EPA Fuel Econ50/47/49 Mpg (Est)
EPA Range, Comb519 Miles
On SaleNow

2025 Honda Civic Sport Touring Hybrid

Engine2.0-Liter Four-Cylinder Hybrid
Output200 Horsepower / 232 Pound-Feet
Drive TypeFront-Wheel Drive
Weight3,252 Pounds
Efficiency50 City / 47 Highway / 49 Combined
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume14.4 Cubic Feet
Base Price$29,845
As-Tested Price$32,845
On SaleJune 19, 2024

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2025 Honda Civic Interior

The sedan and hatchback models offer seating for five, with the rear seats roomy enough to fit a pair of adults without being too cumbersome. The cabin features clean lines and a dashboard featuring full-width honeycomb-patterned mesh design elements that cleverly conceal the air vents.

All models have heated seats, a sunroof, and dual-zone climate control. The wide centre console provides plenty of space for storage, including a large, deep receptacle in front of the transmission lever for storing smartphones, keys, and snacks on the go.

The trunk of the Civic sedan is large enough to carry large amounts of groceries or luggage for road trips, and the hatchback body style provides even more cargo space.

2025 Honda Civic


The Civic comes standard with a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment display, but a larger 9.0-inch unit is optional on the Civic Hybrid, as is a 10.2-inch digital gauge display. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard features that provide wireless connectivity with a larger screen. Other options for the Civic Hybrid include a wireless smartphone charging station, a 12-speaker Bose stereo system, and in-dash navigation.

2025 Honda Civic Exterior

The exterior of the Civic is classy but not over-the-top. While manufacturers usually fill their interiors with glossy piano black trim (read: oil and dust magnet), my tester barely had any. Instead, there’s a shiny dark gray herringbone pattern all over the car, and I ran my finger over it to see how it held up. There was no oil or dust.

Driving the Civic Hybrid made me feel comfortable. The steering wheel and pedals are pretty weighty, and the car feels quiet and composed at low speeds. The engine never grunted or had any problems, and the moment I stepped on the accelerator, the Civic Hybrid took off at high speed.

You can feel the bumps and dips in the road in any car, but the Civic Hybrid’s suspension sucks them up and smooths them out-including the cobblestone streets of Montreal. Visibility is good, the seats are comfortable, and Honda’s lane-keeping assist relaxes highway driving.

One of my preferred attributes of hybrid vehicles, such as the Civic, is the “power vs. charge” gauge in front of the driver instead of a tachometer. This gauge indicates the amount of gasoline being consumed when the accelerator pedal is depressed, as well as when the vehicle is regeneratively braking to charge the battery.

2025 Honda Civic Engine

The Civic Hybrid has an electrified powertrain that combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with two electric motors to produce 200 horsepower. A similar setup is used on the model. Unlike the CR-V, whose hybrid powertrain can be combined with all-wheel drive, the Civic Hybrid is front-wheel drive only.

A driver-selectable regenerative braking system is available to help keep the Civic Hybrid’s battery full, but we’re not sure if single-pedal driving is possible yet.

The non-hybrid Civic has a 150-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, front-wheel drive, and a continuously variable automatic transmission. This combination is unlikely to produce fast acceleration times, as it is even less potent than the previous Civic’s base engine. Still, it should feel powerful enough to keep up with urban traffic.

The Civic’s nimble handling, communicative steering, and balanced ride will be retained. Very sporty variants and variants are also part of this family.

2025 Honda Civic


We estimate its 200 hp rating to be on par with the Civic Si, so we expect quick results when we get a chance to test the hybrid. The Accord Hybrid sedan is related in that it produces 204 horsepower to reach 60 mph.

As for the nonhybrid, the 2.0-liter engine took 8.8 seconds to reach 60 mph on our test track. When we got to retest the 2025 model with the updated powertrain.

2025 Honda Civic MPG

Honda estimates the Civic Hybrid will get a combined rating of 49 mpg. Honda says the nonhybrid Civic will have slightly higher EPA ratings than before, delivering a combined 32 mpg city, 41 mpg highway, and 36 mpg for the LX trim. The 2022 Civic Sport sedan currently gets 36 mpg, so we’ll see how these new models compare when we get them.

2025 Honda Civic Colors

It is worth noting that the Civic’s design allows for personal preference, which guarantees that each owner can express their distinctive style through the exterior of their vehicle. Let’s investigate the color options for the Honda Civic 2025 that we predict will complement the style of your preferred color shades.

  • Rallye Red
  • Aegean Blue Metallic
  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Meteorite Gray Metallic
  • Platinum White Pearl
  • Sonic Gray Pearl

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2025 Honda Civic Price

We expect the 2025 Honda Civic price to start around $25,345 and go up to $33,000, depending on the trim and options. The non-hybrid Civic is offered in just two trims for 2025: the LX sedan and the Sports sedan, with the Sport also offered in a hatchback body style.

The Civic Hybrid is offered in Sport and Sport Touring in any body style. We think a Sport Hybrid sedan or hatchback model would be a good choice, although we don’t know the pricing for the hatchback yet.

LX sedan$25,345
Sport sedan$27,345
Sport hatchback$28,000 (est)
SportSport Hybrid sedan$29,845
Sport Hybrid hatchback$30,000 (est)
Sport Touring Hybrid sedan$32,845
Sport Touring Hybrid hatchback$33,000 (est)

2025 Honda Civic Release Date

We expect the New Civic 2025 to launch this summer and the Civic Hybrid Sedan to appear first, followed by the hatchback version later this summer. Both will be offered in Sport and Sport Touring trims.

Priced at $29,845, $2500 more than the fuel-only Sport, the Sport Hybrid sedan features a sunroof, dual-zone automatic climate control, and heated front seats on top of the hybrid powertrain itself. The Sport Touring Hybrid sedan will sell for $32,845.

2025 Honda Civic

2025 Honda Civic Competitors

The 2025 Honda Civic will face competition from new and heavyweight rivals such as:

  1. Hyundai Elantra
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Toyota Corolla.


Given their current popularity, we conclude that adding a hybrid model to the Civic lineup is a no-brainer for Honda. Given how much we enjoyed the Accord and CR-V’s hybrid engines, we expect the new Civic to shine brightly.

Alright, We will get more updates about the 2025 Honda Civic soon. So, bookmark our website right now for more information regarding Honda Review, Specs, Price, Release Date, and continuous news updates.

FAQs: People also ask about the Honda Civic 2025

Q: Will there be a 2025 Civic SI?

A: Since 1973, the Honda Civic has been the most popular compact car in the United States. Dealers will receive the refreshed Civic Hatchback, featuring the first-ever Civic Hatchback hybrid, later this summer. The 2025 Civic Type R and the updated 2025 Civic Si will be unveiled shortly.

Q: What are the trims for the Honda Civic 2025?

A: The Sport Touring and Sport Hybrid are the models in the inventory, followed by the LX and Sport. The starting MSRP of the basic LX is $24,250, which excludes a $1,095 destination charge. The 2025 Civic Sport Hybrid, propelled by a hybrid electric system, increases the starting MSRP to $28,750.

Q: Is Honda discontinuing the Civic?

A: Honda discontinued the Civic Hybrid following the conclusion of production of the ninth generation and substituted it with the Insight Hybrid. Honda is reintroducing the Civic Hybrid for the 2025 model year, following the discontinuation of the Insight.

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The base engine of the Honda Civic 2024 is a 2L 4-cylinder with 158 horsepower and 138 lb-ft of torque. The Civic is a FWD model. The Honda Civic Hybrid 2025 is under development which will be powered by a version of Honda’s new fourth-generation two-motor hybrid system.