2026 Honda Pilot: Everything We Know So Far

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2026 Honda Pilot is a groundbreaking car that has become an icon of Honda’s success in the automotive world. In the latest edition, we expect significant changes to this model’s exterior and interior design.

The All-New 2026 Honda Pilot, a three-row model, offers impressive engine performance and delivers impressive power in everyday use. The 2006 Honda Pilot is expected to come in six trims and offer front- to all-wheel drive that can be selected to suit your needs.

We are very confident that with these significant changes, many people will love it and increase its competitiveness in the automotive market, making it a good choice for a family vehicle. While there are a few things that differentiate between the base and top levels, the most distinguishing are the luxury features presented by the Honda authorities that can bring comfort, convenience, and functionality that will pamper the riders.

In our opinion, Honda Pilot fans’ only expectations are the TrailSport and Black edition models, where this team has previously undergone changes. Hopefully, this year will produce more charming changes than the previous year.

2026 Honda Pilot Reviews

It would be interesting to discuss the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot, which is the best in the family SUV class. We believe this vehicle is very reliable for carrying passengers with different driving characters but very functional when driving. The 2026 Honda Pilot has its own segment, making it a very comfortable three-row SUV in the American automotive market.

The fact is that many SUV models in this segment are even better than the Honda Pilot in terms of comfort and driving dynamics. However, we personally love this Honda model for its spacious and comfortable cabin. There are also plenty of tricks to choose from based on your needs, adequate drive configurations, and overall ease of utility.

2026 Honda Pilot

What’s New

  • TrailSport model comes with a new feel with ample space and storage
  • New and unified styling
  • Powerful acceleration
  • Elite and refined interior
  • Honda Pilot is the perfect family SUV with three rows

2026 Honda Pilot Interior

The All-New 2026 Honda Pilot is expected to have a spacious and practical interior design for the first two rows, with above-average visibility and storage space. We admire the dashboard’s concept of minimizing buttons with touch menu service controls on a large screen.

There is enough space on the seats that third-row access will not be a problem for most adult passengers. In addition, entry and exit are easy, with just a button to release the second-row seats, which children can even do.

We think that with a very adequate interior, the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot can present a positive impression of pampering passengers. The second row is wide and accommodating, with plenty of space for passenger footrests.

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The tech included in the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot is adequate, and the infotainment feature with wireless phone connectivity works quickly and is easy to navigate. However, the standard 7-inch screen and upgraded 9-inch screen seem less appealing than the large cabin.

There are plenty of places to charge, including a wireless charging pad. However, there is only one USB-C port available. The rest are the underpowered USB-A type, limiting options for phones, tablets, and laptops that support fast charging.


In terms of comfort, the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot is expected to come with reliable, soft-support seats. Equipped with a smooth suspension that eliminates most bumps while driving, it will give a comfortable feel without any noise from outside the cabin.

The 2026 Pilot features a climate system that is easily adjustable and powerful enough for the Honda Pilot’s large cabin. Vents with easy settings are also placed so that the passenger’s hands can easily access airflow.


We believe there are significant changes to the 2026 Honda Pilot’s cargo space. The 2026 Pilot certainly has a new feature that is quite flexible, and the storage of small items is so useful that it is favored by many fans. In addition, the third-row seats that can be split in a 50/50 ratio are very accessible, and loading and unloading are easy because the floor is in the highest position, so large items can be slid in and out.

Speaking of small item storage, we expect the latest 2026 Pilot model to be one of the best. Front passengers get an extra-large center console tray and box, along with some additional boxes for smaller items. Both the front and rear doors offer plenty of trays, pockets, and even cup holders for each seat that can fit a 40-ounce water bottle.

In addition, the 2026 Pilot TrailSport is also expected to have a second-row bench seat that comes with a removable center seat that can be stored under the cargo floor in the trunk. This is an interesting feature that allows users to rearrange the seating based on daily needs.

2026 Honda Pilot

2026 Honda Pilot Engine

We expect the 2026 Honda Pilot to come better with an adequate engine powered by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 285 horsepower and comes with a 10-speed automatic transmission. With this engine and acceleration, the Honda Pilot is a very refined machine that is driven with front-wheel drive (FWD) as the primary option, while all-wheel drive (AWD) is optional.

There is no debate that the 2026 Honda Pilot is a comfortable SUV that offers a smooth driving experience.


Honestly, we really like the engine performance of the Honda Pilot, which is equipped with a V6 engine that sounds very fierce when we step on the gas pedal. The engine acceleration delivers 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds for the Honda TrailSport model. The transmission is awesome when driving in the city.

As for adventure needs, we think the three-row Honda Pilot TrailSport Crossover model is suitable and reliable for off-roading. This one is clear and light, thanks to the extra ground clearance. Coupled with the All-Wheel Drive (AWD), it is reliable overall in off-road terrain.

The Honda Pilot has also been upgraded with traction enhancements that are expected to work on slippery or snowy roads. The system can also redistribute the V6’s power to make the Pilot much more agile when cornering.

We sincerely hope that the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot will also be able to deliver a no-nonsense performance, especially in terms of all the areas that make it a champion in its class.

2026 Honda Pilot MPG

We see the previous Honda Pilot model was very reliable with MPG; we also expect the 2026 Honda Pilot to continue to be reliable and efficient by producing EPA estimated values starting at 20 MPG of either 18 in the city/23 highway. At the same time, the all-wheel-drive TrailSport model gets up to 22 mpg combined with the front-wheel-drive models.

2026 Honda Pilot Review, Specs and Price

2026 Honda Pilot Models

We estimate that the All-New 2026 Honda Pilot EX -L is the most superior model in the Pilot lineup and, therefore, our recommended model. For an extra few thousand dollars, this model features wireless smartphone integration, a 9-inch touchscreen, leather seats, and an electric trunk door.

In addition, we also expect the 2026 Honda Pilot model to come with a three-row SUV concept that can accommodate eight passengers available in six trim levels: Sport, EX-L, Touring, TrailSport, Elite, and Black Edition.

All are powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine (285 horsepower, 262 lb-ft) mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive is optional, except for the TrailSport, Elite, and Black Edition trims, which get all-wheel drive as standard.

Highlighted features include:


  • 20-inch alloy rims
  • LED lighting
  • Keyless entry and ignition are available exclusively for the front doors.
  • Second-row bench seat (eight-passenger accommodation)
  • 7-inch display
  • Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via wired connections
    audio system with seven speakers
  • Climate control with three distinct zones
  • Power-adjustable, heated front chairs
  • The steering handle is covered in leather
  • LED fog lighting
  • Engine ignition via remote
  • Interior ambient lighting

Honda Sensing is a collection of sophisticated safety features that are standard on all Pilot models. It comprises the following:

  • Automatic emergency braking with forward collision warning (warns of an impending frontal impact and applies the brakes if the driver fails to respond in time).
  • Lane departure mitigation (automatically steers to maintain lane position and warns of a lane departure when a turn signal is not used)
  • Driver attention warning (provides an alert when sensors detect that the driver is becoming fatigued)
  • Adaptive cruise control (maintains a distance between the Honda and the vehicle in front that is predetermined by the driver)
  • “Lane centering system” (implements minor steering adjustments to maintain the vehicle’s position within its lane)
  • Rear cross-traffic warning with blind-spot warning (which alerts you if a vehicle is in your blind spot during a lane change or while in reverse)


  • 12-volt electrical outlet in the cargo area 9-inch infotainment touchscreen
  • The use of leather for upholstery
  • Connectivity via wireless For example, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • A wireless device charger A nine-speaker audio system
  • Communication via satellite USB receptacle in the third row Radio
  • Intercom system for in-cabin communication, also known as CabinTalk
  • two-position memory configurations for the driver’s seat and mirrors
  • Exterior sunshades for rear doors
  • Glass windshield that is designed to absorb sound
  • Heated power side mirrors Power gate


  • Conventional all-wheel drive
  • All-terrain tires mounted on 18-inch rims
  • A spare tire that is full-sized
  • Suspension that has been optimized for off-road use, featuring an elevated ground clearance
  • Front grille in gloss black
  • Upholstery made of synthetic leather with orange embroidery
  • Surround-view camera system (provides a top-down view of the Pilot and its environs in tight parking and off-road situations)
  • Stability management system for off-road vehicles
  • Underbody skid shields
  • Class III trailer attachment
  • Panoramic roof
  • Recovery attachments for off-road vehicles
  • A windshield that is heated
  • A household-style electrical outlet is located in the second row.
  • Steering handle that is heated
  • Second-row captain’s chairs (seven-passenger capacity)

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  • Standard all-wheel drive 20-inch rims
  • Hands-free electric tailgate
  • Keyless entry for all entrances
  • Front windows that can reduce noise
  • a second-row bench seat with a central seat that is removable and stowable
  • Navigation system Bose audio system with 12 speakers
  • Wifi gateway
  • Hands-free tailgate with automatic closure


  • 10.2-inch digital instrument array
  • Surround-view camera system (provides a top-down view of the Pilot and its environs in tight parking and off-road situations)
  • Head-up display (displays critical information in your line of sight on the windshield)
  • A windshield that is heated
  • Steering handle that is heated
  • Second-row seats that are heated on the outside
  • Power receptacle that is designed for domestic use
  • Front chairs that are ventilated
  • Windshield sprinklers that detect precipitation

Black Edition

  • twenty-inch gloss-black rims
  • Exclusive detailing for both the interior and exterior

2026 Honda Pilot Trim

The 2026 Honda Pilot EX-L seems to be the most balanced trim model in terms of price and features. In our experience, this trim adds leather upholstery, a larger 9.0-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless smartphone charging, and a power tailgate.

Additionally, all-wheel drive is an option that can be customized to suit your needs, and the accompanying increased towing capacity is worth the expense.

2026 Honda Pilot Colors

Exciting color options coming to the 2026 Honda Pilot model include:

  1. Crystal Black Pearl.
  2. Diffused Sky Blue Pearl.
  3. Lunar Silver Metallic.
  4. Modern Steel Metallic.
  5. Obsidian Blue Pearl.
  6. Platinum White Pearl.
  7. Radiant Red Metallic ll.
  8. Sonic Gray Pearl.

2026 Honda Pilot Competitor

Along with the development of many SUV models on the market, the 2026 Honda Pilot is experiencing increasingly tight and competitive competition, as one of them is the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Grand Highlander, Volkswagen Atlas, and Mazda CX-90.

All of them offer their advantages, ranging from comfortable cabins, immersive driving experiences, reliable technology features, and garage sizes that exceed the Honda Pilot.

2026 Honda Pilot Price

We expect a slight increase in price from the previous model year. The 2026 Honda Pilot’s estimated price is $42,295, but it may go up to $56,675.

Black Edition$56,675

2026 Honda Pilot Release Date

So far, we haven’t received an official release schedule issued by Honda authorities. However, we expect the schedule to arrive at your city showroom in early 2026.

2026 Honda Pilot


We are confident that the Honda Pilot is comfortable, with spacious and airy passenger spaces in all rows. In terms of Cargo and technology, the Honda Pilot is also quite reliable, providing plenty of utility and comfort. The interior is solid, with strong and sturdy plastic all around. These are all provisional estimates that we have. We will continue to update this information so that it can be as accurate as possible.

We will soon receive more updates about the 2026 Honda Pilot. So bookmark our website for more information about Honda Review, Specs, Price, Release Date, and continuous news updates.

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