2019 Honda HRV EX Price

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2019 Honda HRV EX Price

2019 Honda HRV EX Price All crossover SUV buyers want a big off-roader bumping. And all compact car buyers look for low seating position. Those looking for something in the middle, there 2019 Honda HR-V. The 2019 HR-V sees a fine style update, new sports and Touring trim levels, and this year adds its own list of active security gear. We rate right-size, well packed HR-V 5.0 out of 10.

HR-V may not appear on his side, but full of personality. Five trim levels-LX, sport, ex, ex-L, and Touring-leave shopping with many options. All share a 141-Hp 4-cylinder lets you Punch the city around well but runs steam at highway speeds. Use the Iyi and give a relaxed driving HR-V feel on the way to a Bucks-up. Last year’s manual gearbox is a goner, replaced by competent, well-adjusted continuous variable transmission (CVT). Combined with a maximum of 30 mpg, the HR-V thrifty, but we want to see a hybrid option.

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All wheel drive is optional for snow-belters, but HR-V is hardly like a four-wheeler Jeep Renegade and Subaru Crosstrek rivals. Instead, the Ace in the arm of HR-V is the inner package. The front seat rider has plenty of good space and cubbies, while the rear seat can accommodate a couple of basketball players. When called, the rear seat fully Tilt for numerous storage solutions with flat folds or bases. The HR-V is more compact than the 24.3 cubic foot body rather than the subcompact crossover SUVs.

This year, the EX and higher crops gain a package of collision-avoidance technology including automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. The new sports trim has a zippy look with 18-inch wheels, while the Range-topping Touring HR-V navigation brings the seat of a power driver and LED headlights.

2019 Honda HRV EX Interior and Exterior

It mixes the 2019 HR-V, Coupe and crossover design tips, but not particularly in a compelling way. The Massive dominant, stamped on the HR-V’s side, moves into the grille at one end and passes through the rear door handles on the other side. It’s not boring, but it doesn’t do any favors.

This year’s new HR-V Sport trim level features 18-inch alloy wheels and replaces most of the chrome trim in other versions with glossy black panels. This bunch works best, but only by a hair. Although the HR-V interior is a high point. Its simple, elegant lines stand in contrast to the busy exterior. A wide range of contrast, soft-touch material is a cast-iron Dashboard dress up, but the thin air vents in front of the passenger feel like a Trio after.

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Use a 7.0-inch touchscreen display for most clipping information (now replaces last year’s Slider with a sound button) that’s nicely integrated into the design. Tactile automatic climate controls on old and higher climates seem flashy but use Can be frustrating for you.

HR-V’s 102.8-inch wheelbase and about 170-inch overall length make it so nimble around the city, it bely cubic feet of cargo space with its 25 rear seat upright. When folded, HR-V cargo hold until up to 58.8 cubic feet, trim level and the driver tires depending on the wheels. (All wheel-drive versions have a little bit less space.)

The trick feature here is the HR-V’s Folding rear seats, the Honda dubs magic seats. The bench is hinged to allow the bottom fold up to the lower load floor just behind the front seats. When the back rests are folded down, HR-V has a long flat cargo space enough for short folks to sleep.

Front, HR-V’s seats can be comfortable but the seat bases may be longer and the current moonroof cuts into the head room. The rear seat rider has almost as much leg room. Most cutting properties Trim the cloth or vinyl on the door panels to help them avoid a cheaper look and feel hard plastics found in very subcompact crossover SUVs.

2019 Honda HRV EX Engine

Its 1.8-liter inline-4 is smooth and works well with a continuously variable gearbox (CVT), but it has been commissioned with its 141 horsepower and 121 pound-feet of torque moving up to 3,000 pounds. HR-V is working well enough around the city and backed by a fast, responsive steering wheel. On the highway, you can feel this tense and even fight up the gentle notes.

Bright spot HR-V compatible driving. There’s a meteor-sized pit in the city speed. We’ve just driven an HR-V with 18-inch wheels, including sports trim, so I don’t know what effect they will have. Under, the use of front-wheel-drive HR-vs is a simple torsion-Beam rear axle while all wheel-drive models move to a more sophisticated dedion setup. Either way, HR-V will never feel as fun as the Mazda CX-3 slices on curved roads safely.

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In a strange way, the front drive HR-vs all wheel drive versions sit off on the higher ground. Stay connected to paved roads. The 2019 Honda HR-V is good, but has great safety scores. We will turn off the rating until IHS has a chance to look at this year’s new headlight designs. (Learn more about how rates are in the car.)

We hope Honda took the opportunity to improve them since last year’s headlights “poor points. “

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2019 Honda HRV EX Price

HR-V Active security technology makes great steps. The EX and higher Clippers now come standard automatic emergency braking, Adaptive Cruise control, and active Lane control – features not available last year. They also need to improve the IIIHS ‘ assessment. Last year, HR-V won the “Iyi ” Marks of most tests, but it won “acceptable ” for the small-overlaps test performance drive.

NHTSA is generally rated HR-V with five stars, four stars for rollover and four stars for frontal Crash performance. Stick the front-wheel drive and climb to a 28/34/30 mpg that is more respectable than the figures. Some opponents use less fuel. The whole wheel drive is well combined with the Subaru Crosstrek and the Mazda CX-3 ratio at a good 29 MPG. The front wheel drive Nissan Kicks is rated as a heady 33 MPG.

Some compact cross cutters are more effective in HR-V. For example, the basic Honda CR-V LX is a little thriftier 27/31/29 MPG with all wheel drive.

2019 Honda HRV EX Price

The base comes with an HR-V LX, 5.0-inch display for audio system, power features and 18-inch alloy wheels – but that’s about it. This year’s new sports trim builds on 18-inch wheels, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, multi-required 7.0-inch touch for the infotainment with roof rails and leather wrapped steering wheel. About $23,200, it is equipped with decent.

Our Pick of the line includes HR-V EX, $24,700 about costs and active safety technology, a moonroof, keyless ignition, heated seats, automatic climate control and colorful rear windows. Add $1,600 of leather seats and a few other goodies and make up the EX-L Trim.

The LX, sport, ex and ex-L decorations can be equipped with all wheel drive for an additional $1,400. The Range-topping HR-V comes standard with all wheel drive plus navigation, an 8-way power driver’s seat, a garage door opener and a heavy-duty LED headlights for $29,500.