2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Spec

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2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Spec

2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Spec Honda has put a lot of work into the latest versions of most of its vehicles in order to put a shine back on a brand whose offers had become a bit dull in recent years. And that goes for vehicles that compete in some of the less lucrative segments of Canada, such as the Minivan. Having completely redesigned the Odyssey for 2018, Honda’s avant-garde mover moves to 2019 without any change.

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As before, the power comes from a 3.5 L V6 that makes 280 HP and 262 lb-ft of torque, which is powered in a nine-speed automatic box in everything except the high-end touring model, which gets a 10-speed automatic. The 10-speed gearbox and engine idle-down system allow touring fuel consumption estimates of 12.2/8.5 L/100 km (city/Road), while the lower fittings are rated 12.6/8.4.

The Honda Odyssey is considered by many to be the golden standard in minivans. Its refined design with creative storage solutions and lively driving dynamics make it independent year after year. The Odyssey is available in five finishes: LX, ex, ex-L, touring and Elite. All fittings Use a 280 HP 3.5 liter V6 engine that integrates the Honda variable Cylinder management system (VCM), which allows the V6 engine to switch between three, four and six cylinders to increase energy efficiency. The available transmissions are either a nine-or ten-speed automatic. The interior has a magical third-row seat that folds into the ground. The maximum seating capacity for the Odyssey is eight passengers.

Safety devices such as side and curtain airbags, four-wheel disc anti-lock brakes, traction control, and an electronic stability system are standard on all models. Luxury features such as leather trim, push-button start-up, two-zone automatic air conditioning, satellite radio, navigation, and entertainment system are available. The 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring is a deferral model for 2019.

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The rest of the range includes LX and EX, the latest of which can be optioned in sub-trims with leather, Navi and a rear-seat entertainment system. Odyssey is among the most recognizable vans on the market, its style being either distinctive or polarizing depending on who you ask. What is easier to agree on is that Honda has once again created the best minivan for drivers, having endowed the odyssey with a feeling of driving more engaging than anything else in this small segment.

Among the more peculiar features of the Odyssey are the middle row seats with a removable central position that allows the outdoor chairs to move sideways. There is also a built-in vacuum cleaner, a camera built into the pavilion that allows the driver to see what’s going on in the back and if you don’t like what you find, a public address system (called Cabintalk) so you can undo descendants Uprisings. The suite of active safety features of 2019 Honda Odyssey sensing is standard in all fittings with its front collision warning/automatic emergency braking, track start warning and adaptive speed control and guidance.

Other features of the LX trim include 18-inch alloy rims, non-hooded fuel fill, LED taillights, heated front seats, high-beam automatic headlights, and an 8.0 display audio system. Thumbs up with the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android smartphones Auto. Move up to the EX to add LED lights, LaneWatch blind spot monitor, electric sunroof, electric sliding doors, parasols and armrests, and vacuum cleaner. EX-Res brings to the part a power outlet of 110 volts, CabinTalk, heated steering wheel, and a rear seat television screen with Blu-Ray player. EX-L Res relies on that, adding leather seats. EX-L Navi batteries on the navigation, but can not be combined with the entertainment system.

Finally, touring adds LED headlights and fog lights, a hands-free tailgate, ambient lighting, a CabinWatch, third-row parasols, a 550-watt stereo system, and front-seat ventilation. The Odyssey has a presence, with its chrome Beltline suggesting a lightning bolt. However, this is not the prettiest minivan in the parking lot. That would be the Chrysler Pacifica.

The face of the Odyssey shows a family resemblance to the crossover Pilot and the Civic sedan. Behind the big chrome grid there are shutters to improve the aerodynamics and increase the fuel mileage a bit; On the edges of the grid, there are led racing lamps. LED headlights and fog come on the touring model.

The redesign of the style features a deep quilt carved into the front and side doors. The channels for the rear sliding doors are moved under the third-row glass, to better conceal them. A chrome bar design at the rear corresponds to the front and is framed by LED taillights. The new Odyssey brings softer materials into the cabin, including a new stain-resistant leather on the EX-L and above. The central console is massive, functional if not pretty, with two main storage areas, one of them deep and the other wide and flat. There are a digital instrument screen and a clear touch screen on the dashboard.

The new optional CabinWatch appears on the screen, a video stream running back seats, so parents can literally keep an eye on them. Mom and dad are getting Big Brother. And get this: it’s infrared and can zoom in, so Dad can play Sniper. But wait, there’s more. CabinWatch combines with CabinTalk, which plays the voice of the driver on the audio system. Children have no chance. Sitting quietly there in the dark, scarcely thinking of being wicked, when suddenly in their headphones: “Stop! Right away! I see you!

The rear seat entertainment system is upgraded. The 10-inch screens have LTE 4g, with applications like PBS Kids, IHeart Radio, Spotify, and more. There is even an application called “How much farther”, which maps the path of the pickup truck to the destination. Another application allows passengers to use their smartphones to control their entertainment and temperature control screens, and send music to the audio system and destinations to the navigation system.

Honda’s Magic Slide seating system has been redesigned for the new Odyssey. The second row consists of three carved and spacious seats that can be moved separately. The middle seat can be removed to create captain chairs and a path to the third row. The two outer seats slide upward, the back, the left, the right; Or they could be pushed together.

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But what if you sometimes need a flat floor and loading space? You remove the seats in the second row that weigh 70 pounds each, and store them in your garage, or somewhere. Not quite like the Stow’N Go system of the Chrysler Pacifica, whose rear seats fold flat in the ground. If you get these seats out of there, the Odyssey has the most cargo space in the class, 144.9 cubic feet. Better than this, it has a lot of load space behind the second row, 86.6 cubic feet. It is with the third row folded flat, that it makes easily with a tug on a strap and a flop. Behind the third row, there are still 32.8 cubic feet, which is twice the size of a trunk of a full-size sedan.

With its many configurations, you can customize your family minivan to be what you need for every trip, project or adventure. The new Odyssey was silenced, by the acoustic foam sprayed in 14 spots where the noise could leak, then a barrier mat, thicker glass all around, triple door seals, and canceling the noise under the hood.

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2019 Honda Odyssey Touring Spec

Odyssey LX ($29 990) comes with fabric padding, electric windows, doors and mirrors; A back-up camera, a seven-speaker PA system, 18-inch alloy wheels, an 8-way driver’s seat, a 4-way front passenger seat, a keyless ignition, a speed controller, a tilt/telescoping steering column , Bluetooth, USB port and automatic air conditioning. (Prices are MSRP and do not include destination fees.)

Odyssey EX ($33 860) has two double-power sliding side doors, as well as the second-row Magic slide seats that slide in four directions. The driver’s seat adjusts 12 lanes and the front seats are heated. The EX also adds three-zone automatic air conditioning, display system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, HD radio, HondaLink application connectivity, CabinControl application that allows passengers to control the Climate system and send songs to their playlists from their smartphones, heated mirrors with flashing lights, fog lights and remote starters EX also adds security features, including dead-angle monitors with rear cross-traffic alerts and high automatic beams, as well as the Honda Odyssey Touring Spec sensing package, which includes an adaptive speed controller, Front collision warnings with automatic emergency braking, track and active track control, and mitigation of road departures.

Odyssey EX-L ($37 360) improves leather upholstery, auto-dimming mirror, garage door opener, sunroof, and electric tailgate. The Odyssey EX-L with Navi / RES adds voice recognition navigation, a Blu-ray rear entertainment system with a cordless headset, a 115 V socket, and the 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring CabinTalk system that allows the driver to talk to all passengers through the headset speakers.

Odyssey Touring ($ 44,510) Takes on the new 10-speed automatic gearbox, Stop / Start technology, Honda’s CabinWatch feature that shows a camera on any vehicle seat and allows the driver to see the image on the main screen, LTE 4g mobile hotspot capacity, vehicle vacuum cleaner, third-party umbrellas, power hinged door, LED headlamps, LED fog lights and parking sensors for the front and rear.

The Odyssey Elite ($ 46,670) is further enhanced by an 11-speaker audio system, wireless charger, warm steering wheel, heated and cooled front seats, ambient lighting, glossy lining, windscreen wipers, electric folding mirrors, and 19-inch wheels. Available safety features include automatic emergency braking and front impact warnings, neutral displays, active track control, and adaptive speed control. Each model has two knee airbags in front, and a camera for the driver to monitor his passengers.