2019 Honda Odyssey EX Colors

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2019 Honda Odyssey EX Colors

2019 Honda Odyssey EX Colors The Honda Odyssey is an excellent Minivan. The well-built interior has three rows of spacious and comfortable seats, and it offers many friendly technical features, including practical items like a built-in vacuum cleaner. Because it has the best combination of quality and value in its class, the Odyssey was named our 2019 Best minivan for the prize-winning money. The Odyssey has more cargo space than many class rivals, its fuel economy estimates are among the best in the class for a non-hybrid, and it offers smooth driving and solid performance. In short, the Odyssey offers everything that buyers look for in a minivan, and then some.

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This odyssey is a great vehicle that makes a great choice for minivan buyers. It costs a little more than some of its competitors, but many will say that it is worth the money, as evidenced by its high finish in our Minivan ranking. Still, if you want to shop, you should check out the Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica.

The 2019 Honda Odyssey is part of a generation that started with the model year 2018. There are no notable changes for 2019, but the changes for the 2018 model were abundant. Compared to model 2017, the redesigned Odyssey had a more powerful engine (of 32 horsepower), a nine or 10-speed automatic transmission (instead of a six-speed), and more loading space (about 10 cubic feet).

If you are looking for a new odyssey, you should also check out our 2018 Odyssey magazine. It’s basically the same vehicle, and you can save money by used purchases. You can probably save even more money by shopping for a 2017 Odyssey, but you won’t appreciate the benefits of redesigning 2018.

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This review uses the applied research and data from all model years of the current Odyssey generation, which includes models 2018 and 2019.

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The Odyssey starts at about $30, 000, which makes it more expensive than most minivans. However, the price gap is not huge. The same thing is true at the top end of the spectrum. The touring Odyssey, which starts at about $45 000, is more expensive than the RIVAUX’TOP trims, but not by a crazy amount.

2019 Honda Odyssey EX Colors

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Exterior Colors

  • Crystal Black Pearl
  • Deep Scarlet Pearl
  • Forest Mist Metallic
  • Lunar Silver Metallic
  • Modern Steel Metallic
  • Obsidian Blue Pearl
  • Pacific Pewter Metallic
  • White Diamond Pearl

Interior Color

  • Beige
  • Gray
  • Mocha