2022 Honda Ridgeline: All-New Honda Ridgeline Redesign Preview

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2022 Honda Ridgeline Despite the testosterone-fueled facelift, the Honda Ridgeline 2022 isn’t nearly as sturdy or powerful as other mid-size pickup trucks – but that’s okay. In contrast, the Honda Sole with a cargo bed is a one-size alternative to all traditional pickup trucks.

While the Ridgeline lineup doesn’t include an off-road-ready model or an optional diesel engine, it does have a standard crew cabin that is more spacious and more comfortable than the competition.

The V-6’s minivan-based base and powertrain don’t allow it to pull more than 5,000 pounds, but they do allow the Ridgeline to accelerate quickly, consume fuel efficiently, and drive with unmatched agility and smoothness. Standard driver assistance and innovative features – including a bunk-bed trunk and a multifunctional rear door – further reinforce the Ridgeline 2022’s status as a truck equivalent to the Swiss Army knife.

Before the 2022 model year, one could say the Ridgeline looked like a lot of things, but ruggedness wasn’t one of them. We’re not sure that the medium truck’s resizing – which includes a fresh design of the front roof pillar to the front – will appease all haters, but it sure looks bolder than ever.

Enhancing this fresh aesthetic is a new Honda Performance Development (HPD) package that is available at all trim levels and adds a black over the fender, a distinctive dark grille, HPD graphics on the bed wall, and cool looking bronze wheels. The non-HPD models get a standard set of newly designed 18-inch wheels with more aggressive all-terrain tires and reduced rear clearance giving the Ridgeline a wider track and a wider position.

Inside, there are a few subtle changes, but the biggest update is a revised infotainment system. Along with improved graphics and screen icons that Honda found easier to use, the Ridgeline now comes with a physical volume knob.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Report

Honda hopes for a third-time charm for its fledgling pickup, the Ridgeline. For the 2022 model year, it gets a new truck-like outfit to accompany its innovative bed and many interior upgrades.

Most notable among the changes are the front end and profile which can actually earn a bit of respect from fellow truck owners.

The Ridgeline has run into a lot of trouble over the years (and your writers have indeed done its fair share) of buyers who feel the vehicle’s appearance shares too much in common with the Pilot SUV and, worse, the Minivan Odyssey. Oh, my horror.

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The Ridgeline 2022 features an all-new A-pillar front. Design changes include a new hood with prominent strength protrusions (insert a rough joke here) and a new front fender that features a square nose and upright grille. The maw is ordered by LED headlamps and sits on top of the spacious side vents that direct air through the bumper for aerodynamic purposes.

A unique set of tires and wheels also increases the visual appeal, increases the track width by up to 20mm, and provides a wider feel. Honda says some of the rubber options available have more aggressive sidewall and shoulder tread views but all these seasons are a long way off from the likes of BFGoodrich KO2 or Firestone Destination M / T.

There are slight improvements to it, from an updated infotainment system with new graphics to new fabric seat inserts. The company is also careful to mention specifically the physical volume knob (thanks) plus various new gauges and console accents.

Under the hood is a 3.5L V6 engine that produces 280 hp and 262 lb.-ft of torque channeled into a nine-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel-drive system can deliver up to 70 percent of engine torque to the rear of the Ridgeline. There are driving modes to choose from for snow, mud, and sand. The towing capacity reaches 5,000 lbs.

The latter underlines some of the sand kicks, as other midsize trucks like the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado can pull a maximum weight of 6,800 lbs and 7,700 lbs, respectively.

The new mugs can’t hurt, and Honda’s reputation for quality construction is excellent, so we’re sure the Ridgeline 2022 will continue to gain its share of customers.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

The 2022 Honda Ridgeline gets a testosterone makeover, morphing a friendly-looking pickup truck to one that leaks more robustness and ability. This is the first step in Honda’s new light truck strategy to develop – and talk for – the capabilities of its new vehicles in a world of fast-fleeing passenger cars. Look for the same tracking for brand SUVs.

Honda didn’t follow trends. Currently, light trucks make up 70 percent of new vehicle sales in the United States. However, light trucks account for only Honda’s sales mix for 53 percent. This Japanese automaker is still very car-dependent, especially with the Civic and Accord model lines.

The redesigned Ridgeline 2022, which will be available early next year, has begun a new advertising strategy and campaign. Despite the unibody construction of the car, the midsize pickup is more capable than it looks and it’s time to deliver this message, said Jay Joseph, vice president of automated marketing for American Honda Motor Co.

A design change – the all-new Ridgeline 2022 column A forward – will boost sales. Loyal buyers of Ridgeline love features like travel and cars, but Honda executives thought the truck would reach a wider audience by transmitting the message that it could easily process multiple off-road conditions.

Honda’s research reveals the gap: Ridgeline has innate robustness, durability, and robustness, but friendly exterior belies, joseph says. Since its establishment, the Ridgeline body-on-frame has been considered a small truck because it does not feature construction, a V-8 engine, differential locking, transfer case, or solid axles.

But Honda argued that the truck could offer four wheels of power, and while the Rubicon would not jump, it would easily address the most buyers of gravel roads and camping. Joseph said he was thinking of a way out instead of working hard to get out. “This will bring you back there.

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2022 Honda Ridgeline Interior

Ridgeline is top of the class when it comes to interior practicality and comfort. Like many other medium-sized pickups, Honda features a hard plastic under the board. Otherwise, the items are above average. Rear seat passengers will enjoy the most space of all middle-class competitors. Folding arms in two front seats are a welcome addition, especially since the center console is low between the two.

The Honda pickup is just a bunk length, 5.3 feet, which parallels the competitor’s short bunk bed and has the second-lowest volume of 34 cubic meters. The antidote to this difference is air-locked, locked-bed luggage with a capacity of 7.3 cubic meters.

There is another advantage: with 50.0 inches between the wheel holes of the bed, Ridgeline is only a medium-sized pickup that can fit a four-by-eight meter piece of building material on the floor of the bed.

Smart features continue inside. The rear seats are split 60/40 and provide space to fit a reverse, full-size bike. The back door does not open wide, because unfortunately, loading large items can be difficult.

Every Ridgeline comes standard with an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It now features physical volume buttons and a screen icon that Honda says is easier to use than its predecessor.

However, we haven’t had the chance to test these claims or an updated Display Audio system for ourselves. Ridgeline also comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Additionally, select models can be equipped with an in-bed audio system that can liven up the tailgate party. Using a vibrating actuator, it turns the cargo bed into a large speaker.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Engine

The single-engine produces a 280 hp 3.5-liter V-6 connected to 262 lb-ft of torque and a nine-speed automatic transmission. The engine feels smooth and it is very easy to accept a gas response when hard acceleration is required. In many ways, an online pickup stunned behind the wheel of Ridgeline.

On the way, I felt this kind and very competent. Its coil-spring independent rear suspension contributes to quality such as a ride that is not available with solid axle leaf-spring arrangement used by competitors. The body is thin at minimal angles, and small bumps are only noticed.

The electrically assisted steering wheel just feels right. Ridgeline’s braking performance stands out as its only dynamic defect. The braking distance is on the long side from 70 mph to zero.

Ridgeline is fast, but in terms of withdrawals, it’s incomplete. The front-wheel-drive model can draw a top of £3,500. The all-wheel-drive Ridgelines is rated at £5,000, which is less than V-6 competitors such as the 2000 and 2500 Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger.

2022 Honda Ridgeline MPG

Whether the Ridgeline engine is equipped with the most fuel-efficient V-6 in its class, front or all-wheel drive regardless. Our fuel-efficient 75-mile route, which simulates real-world highway driving and is part of the extensive testing regime, offers all-wheel-drive Ridgeline 28 mpg.

This figure fits our results for the GMC Canyon with a diesel engine and all-wheel drive, which is impressive considering Honda’s petrol engine.

2022 Honda Ridgeline Price

This mid-size truck segment has become saturated with traditional body-on-frame turntables that provide very abundant traction and off-road capability. However, Ridgeline appeals to people who want a more relaxed and fuel-efficient alternative.

While the most expensive models have the most luxurious features, I think it is the best mix of RTL equipment and the desired value. We recommend adding an optional all-wheel-drive system, which Honda does make useful over four seasons and allows tow up to 5,000 pounds (3,500 pounds max front-drive model).

Also, Ridgeline RTL gets better standard features than lower sports flooring levels. It includes heated front seats, a leather-covered interior, and power-adjustable front seats.

  • Sports: $35,500 (est)
  • RTL: $38,000 (en)
  • RTL-E: $44,000 (en)
  • Black Version: $45,000 (en)