2022 Honda Accord Sport: Next-Gen Accord Sport Specs and Price

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2022 Honda Accord Sport Seeing the success of nearly 45 years of the existence of the Honda Accord, Honda built a reputation as a safe, reliable, and strong vehicle.

Therefore he sat in the upper echelons of the middle sedan class which is usually grouped with people like the Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

This is a car that many people see as an infallible choice.

But what do not many people think about the Agreement? It would be very fun to drive – especially in the form of 2.0T Sport.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Specs

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The Accord 2022 starts at just under $ 25,000, but my 2.0T Sport wears a steep $ 32,000 price tag because it’s mostly for a more powerful engine and a slim Sports fix.

With a combination of comfort in performance, style, technology, and creature, I would choose the 2.0T Sport with a manual transmission as well as my testers.

But I will add a wireless phone charging pad and rear-seat USB port to raise $ 420. All in all, my approval will be a sticker for $ 32,735.

Given the mission of the Honda Accord 2.0T Sport to be, wow, sporty, there are several competitions to talk about.

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The Kia Optima SX and Toyota Camry TRD follow the same blueprint as the 2.0T Sport to healthily help power and chassis upgrades, but Honda maintains better compliance riding compared to the other two.

The Mazda6 dynamically sits on a medium mountain sedan, but unfortunately, it is not offered with a really powerful engine.

And no one else is available with a manual gearbox which means if you are in the market for an entertaining midsize sedan with three pedals, your only choice is to go to a Honda dealer.

And that’s not a bad thing at all because you won’t be disappointed.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Type R

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The first part of the Accord’s fun equation is the turbocharged I4 2.0 under the hood.

This is a derivative of the engine found in the evil Civic Type R that produces 252 horsepower and 273 pounds of torque.

The latter is available between 1,500 to 4,000 rpm for many snort bursts from traffic lights and easily joins the freeway without having to go down one or two gears.

Speaking of gears, there are six forward gears in a manual transmission. No, it’s not a typo.

Honda still offers a standard gearbox on the Accord with a 1.5-liter base engine and 2.0-range-topping to surprise and delight car enthusiasts everywhere.

For those who don’t want to play with the third pedal, a 10-speed automatic is optional at the expense of some driving involvement.

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Rolling around the city normally, the drivetrain pair was sublime. The engine 2022 Honda Accord Sport is quiet without the slightest turbo lag and stick-shift settings are not easy to operate.

With shifter that smoothly enters well-defined gates and easy-to-regulate couplings, the stop-and-go situation is no bother to manage.

And the 2.0T Sport boasts an EPA fuel economy rating that generates 22 miles per gallon in the city and 32 mpg on the highway with manual and automatic gearboxes.

In mixed driving for a week, I somehow observed 27 mpg for a better-combined figure of 26 mpg EPA – impressive with my heavy right foot.

When you lean harder into the throttle, the Deal just goes. Getting a speed limit that occurs quickly and pulling across the entire spin range is healthy – especially at the top end when the tach approaches the redline of 6,800 rpm.

One quibble drivetrain that I have involves a throttle response. That’s not at all horrendous, but a little tight-lipped when matching revs for downshifts.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Interior

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The interior design part of the change in Accord Sport is some minor style adjustments.

Outside, the more athletic sheet metal that debuts for 2018 get a decklid spoiler and a tasteful exhaust outlet with all riding the 19-inch wheels mentioned earlier with snazzy-upped with inset black spoke.

Then on the inside, there is a metal sports pedal. Nothing destroys the earth but gives a touch of a more visual attitude.

Being a medium sedan that is always competitive, the interior of the Accord touches all the right notes. It is roomy with plenty of head and legroom for adult passengers in the front and rear.

Comfortable and supportive seats for long trips, no surface that looks cheap anywhere, and things stay impressive in silence with wind and road noise continuing out.

And just like the space offered for human cargo inside, the 16.7 cubic feet of luggage is generous and can swallow a lot of surprising food and household items.

The Sports technology menu is also substantial. Infotainment is driven by a Display Audio system with a responsive 8-inch touch screen flanked by traditional shortcut keys to easily reach all the menus that are commonly used.

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The screen is visually clear and intuitive to do to control the audio settings of eight speakers, satellite radio, and Bluetooth.

For those who prefer to let their phones handle infotainment, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard.

Power points for charging a cell phone are also not a problem – unless you are in the back seat.

Passengers in front have easy access to two USB ports and two 12-volt outlets, while the Accord Sport doesn’t have anything within arm’s reach for those at the back.

A pair of rear USB 2.5-amps are available at a reasonable $ 120 price.

There is no skimping on safety technology, too, with each Accord coming standard with a multi-view rearview camera with respectable image resolution, traffic sign recognition, and Honda Sensing features including adaptive cruise control with automatic braking and lane departure warning with lane keep helping.

The sport model also benefits from rear traffic warning and blind-spot monitoring to overcome the greater vacancy caused by faster roof lines and C-pillars.

Everything functions as advertised with collisions and departure warnings of a well-programmed path, never giving a false positive warning that is annoying.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Exterior

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Of course, power without control is not an ideal scenario, which is why Honda gave Sport some better extra love.

Discusses the exterior with larger 19-inch wheels (compared to 17 on LX and EX models) wrapped in Goodyear Eagle Touring 235/40 series tires.

Rising springs, thicker antiroll blades, and faster steering ratio are also part of the deal.

All of that helps the Accord with confidence to survive through gradual turns and sharp curves with a slim body number for a four-door family sedan.

Fast turn-in response with steering weight at the lighter end of the spectrum.

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A little more weight will be appreciated, but there is enough feedback available to let you know when the front tires are nearing their limits.

The braking performance is also dashing making the 3,300-pounder slow down for bends and the panic stops admirably.

Worth mentioning is that the Sport chassis changes do not hamper much driving quality.

It’s certainly not as easy as Accords driving on a 17-inch tire package but damping for all but the biggest road crater is still quite smooth. Driving comfort every day is fine.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Engine

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On the engine side, five trim levels are likely to be available in the 2022 Approval: LX, EX, Sport, EX-L, and Touring.

There is also a Hybrid version, which is available at the same trim level, minus Sport.

Each one is well equipped, but EX gets so much additional content for a relatively modest fee that we think it has to be the smartest purchase for most buyers. We also strongly consider Hybrid.

The standard engine is a 1.5-liter turbocharged inline-four (192 horsepower, 192 pound-foot torque) paired to an automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) which helps restore an excellent 30 mpg city, 38 mpg highway and 33 mpg combined in most thanks.

Trim Sport can be equipped with a six-speed manual. The upgraded engine is a 2.0-liter (252 hp, 273 lb-ft) inline-4 turbo paired with a 10-speed automatic, but again, the Sport trim can be had manually.

Fuel-saving is still quite good with this engine combined at 27 mpg automatically. The Accord Hybrid has a total system output of 212 hp and returns an excellent combination of 48 mpg.

2022 Honda Accord Sport Price

In this price section, it is still not fixed because we have not received official accurate information from Honda. But in our mind, it is likely to be not much different from the previous year in the range of $ 27,830.

We will continue to update the latest information on this website, hopefully, this information can add to your knowledge of all lovers of the 2022 Honda Accord Sport.

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