2020 Honda Ridgeline Refresh

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2020 Honda Ridgeline Refresh

2020 Honda Ridgeline Refresh Note that all of these activities are typical use cases for most pickup owners. But the Ridgeline is not exactly the typical pickup. For one, it has a Unibody structure. The lack of a beefy frame or conventional four-wheel drive (an on-demand all-wheel drive, as it is attached to our test vehicle, is optional) provides superior efficiency and sophistication to the class. Through the first 3644 miles of Ridgeline in our hands, it has an average of 21 mpg, matching its EPA combined estimate. The EPA pegs combined the V-6, four-wheel drive Colorado at 19 mpg and the V-6 Tacoma with 20.

The Karähnliche design of the Ridgeline invites haters favorite arguments against it: relatively low towing capacity. It’s as if somehow, because a few medium sized pickups (especially the GM rigs) compete with the trailering capabilities of full-fledged trucks, so also any middle class car. We believe that the 5000 pound drag limit of the Ridgeline class is appropriate; The payload of the Honda from 1447 to 1580 pounds (depending on trim) is class competition. If you need more — say, the maximum towing capacity of the Colorado 7700 — a full-fledged pickup can suit you better, the ease of parking or maneuverability notwithstanding.

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The result of the Honda’s performance levels is that it propels leagues better than any other pickup truck. Are you planning to buy a truck because you occasionally run a Home Depot? The choice of this Honda means that you don’t have to suffer from the annoying, bouncing ride delivered by the stiff feathers and the living rear axles of the competitors, only to have sky high payload and towing capacity that will take you the other 350 days of the Year.

2017 Ridgeline is available in six trim levels: RT, Sports, RTL, RTL-T, RTL-E and Black Edition. Each trim level includes a unique standard and set of available features, including speech recognition, Apple CarPlay ™ and a Honda satellite-connected Navigation System ™ with Android Auto ™ compatibility.

Honda maximizes the packaging efficiency of the Unibody construction of the Ridgeline with numerous clever towing solutions that are simply not found on other medium sized trucks. Without a separate frame that runs from nose to tail, the Honda has a bed that sits on nothing apart from the compact, independent rear suspension. This leaves room for a lockable, waterproof, seven-foot rectangular trunk hidden under the cargo hold. It is accessible via a hinge cover, which rises like a nicely muted liftgate. A small screwed-in plug in the trunk floor allows the drainage of liquid through the bottom of the vehicle, practically you should use the tray as a huge (albeit uninsulated) cooler at a tailgate party as we have it. or — again, as we have — your wet sports equipment after a day on the lake or a particularly sweaty hockey game there.

The tailgate is hung on both the bottom and the driver’s side (vertically), which means that it can either swing off or open like a normal tailgate of the pickup, off the curb edge. The latter configuration facilitates access to the bed, because you do not have to lean over the possibly dirty tailgate to get things back or in the trunk. Inside the cabin, the rear seats fold together — a common feature among pickups in general — so that you should leave a wide cargo platform, you should need even more luggage space that is protected from the elements.

2019 While Ridgeline is a Carryover model, it still has new features, upgrades and improvements. Read on for a closer look at the difference between the 2019 and 2018 Honda Ridgeline. The 2019 Ridgeline has a number of minor changes and enhancements from the 2018 Ridgeline, including two now standard USB ports on RT, sports and RTL models. In addition, the models of RTL and RTL-t have power sliding rear windows and a moonroof.

Among the best available features of the 2019 Ridgeline are the remote engine start, Honda LaneWatch ™, the blind spot information system with cross-traffic monitor, ambient LED lighting, the HondaLink ® technology, a leather trimmed interior with driver’s seat With 10-way power adjustment, including power Lumbar support and much more.

The new Ridgeline Nin’s interior features 33.9 cubic feet of cargo space in the truck bed and 109.7 m3 of passenger volume (108.2 cubic foot area for RTL-E and Black Edition models).

The Honda Sensing ® Safety Suite is standard for the RTL-E and Black Edition models and includes the track stop warning, the tracking assistance system, the road Abflugungssystem, the Adaptive cruise control, the Collision Reduction System ™ and the Forward Collision warning.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Price

Each Ridgeline comes as a four-door crew cabin, uses a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 engine and a six-speed automatic transmission and drives on an independent suspension. The front-wheel drive is the only choice on the RT trim base, while the sport, RTL and RTL-T provide all-wheel drive for an additional $1900. The range-topping RTL-E and Black edition are standard four-wheel drive.

For our long-term test we have a medium-range RTL AWD ($37,765) with the $500 heated steering wheel, a $325 reconfigurable bettverlängerer, $169 All-weather floor mats, $60 charge dividers for the trunk and a $45 cargo tray for under the rear seats Ordered what total on $38,864. This price is in the thicket of the middle-class segment, while the fit and finish of the Honda suppresses the one of each competitor.

2020 Honda Ridgeline Refresh

Our long-term example lacks a touchscreen, but a fairly common modern friendliness, especially for a vehicle of this size at this price point. Honda is currently in the midst of adding volume and tuning buttons back into its vehicles with touchscreens, but the Ridgeline’s only touchscreen is an older unit that lacks buttons of any kind. We have been raving about its inconsistent reactions and poor menu layouts in other Ridgelines; Luckily, it is only offered in the three top trim levels, and we avoided it by choosing the RTL. This means that even if it is easier to use, the head unit of our truck looks and feels outdated.

As we focus on the inevitable logbook complaints about the missing touchscreen or the navigation system, we are preparing to submit the Ridgeline to our full 40,000 mile gantlet. Stay tuned to see how well this unusual shot on the pickup performs common pickup tasks.