2019 Honda Insight EX CVT

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2019 Honda Insight EX CVT

2019 Honda Insight EX CVT The new 2019 Honda Insight hybrid sedan takes its look from the Accord and drives it over a frame borrowed from the Civic. None of this sounds bad for us. Nothing other than alar compact sedan begins with the appearance of Insight, which does not scream. The first two generations insight I look hybrids; The first was a two-door hatchback form completed with wheel covers, while the second was a Prius-like egg-shaped Prius wrestler.

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2019 Insight calls on some of the existing citizens to get a more mature and conservative view of both. He also borrows some of the deal, which includes a handy touchscreen, and both parents get the best: Martin Stiles, not Ben Stiller. Under the hood is an electric motor combo that makes an inline 4 1.5 liters and 151 horsepower and only drives the front wheels. Not very fast, but Insight is very fuel efficient. Our calculators calculated the combined mileage around 55 MPG better than EPA estimates.

The walk is soft and composed, though occasionally a bit noisy. Official blocking data are missing, but the 2019 Insight comes standard with active safety features, including automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and automatic headlamps and front collision warnings.

While insight for an LX base version starts less than $ 24,000, we see the highest value in the middle of compliance with Insight EX. It offers an 8.0-inch touchscreen, Apple cartouche and Android Auto compatibility, 16-inch wheels, a group digital device, Honda telematics, and fabric upholstery. Insight touring starts at almost $ 29,000, which is more than the largest Accord Hybrid model we offer to mid-size customers.

2019 Honda Insight EX CVT Specifications

Its existence is due in large part to the Civic, but 2019 of Honda Insight must be credited to the agreement. Not one of those is a bad thing. We have that many shoppers see themselves at the high crosses riding more than four doors today, but we just want them to see how far the good-looking sedans like the Insight have come. The Insight does not borrow much from the Civic’s closet, only the roof line and wheelbase is common between both sedans. Instead, we see the Honda Mid-sizer on the nose and the tail of Insight, which Honda says will attract a crowd a little bigger than the Civic. (Think of 30-somethings instead of 20-somethings.)

Insight’s curves are more Tamer than Civic’s, too, with fewer folds along the side and a more upright nose. Wheel arches are more graceful in the Insight — perhaps a tip of the hat should go to the Mazda 6 there.

2019 Honda Insight EX CVT Interior and Exterior

Indoors, the Insight omits the frustrating touchscreen and Civic control design for one-booted Accord, with a volume knob. The Insight Sports a low script that helps the outside view (CIVIC) and the digital display that is functional and easy to understand. Unlike the more piquant Civic, Insight prefers a milder approach to aesthetics and color schemes

Insight takes an inline 4 1.5-liter power that provides 107 horsepower to a 129-horsepower electric motor. Combined production is 151 HP and 197 lb-ft of torque, but the approach to Honda’s hybrid drive can be something new for shoppers. The so-called. The two-engine hybrid system it uses the battery mainly for the electric motor and the driving force, not the gasoline engine. Under certain conditions, the electric motor of the battery can feed Insight without a gasoline engine, or all three can grip the clutch together to drive the front wheels.

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The front seats are supportive and comfortable, but some provide a slightly lower ride than you expect. For longer torsos, there is too much headroom of 39.3 inches and long legs should fit very well with 42.3 inches. The ceiling of the moon does not make too much cut in the current headroom and the telescopic Insight makes a comfortable T-Rex behind the steering wheel and long seat ride. Could be.

In the back, Insight offered enough head space and a 37.4-centimeter leg area for our large body, the 6-Foot-3 editor, to mount behind a person of equal size. Long road trips with large adults should be possible, but may not be palatial. Like the Civic, Insight also features rather thin seats (but not scan in comfort) that offer a good knee room for rear seat pilots. Civilian has grown for successive generations, and this is a blessing for the hip room for large, large American bodies.

In the transmission tunnel, intelligent packaging, such as a battery near the driver’s knee, means that Insight provides a good body that should have a lot of equipment. A wide mainline clearance makes it much more convenient to use the space. The 60/40-split rear folding seat is standard on EX and tour finishing levels. The active noise cancellation of all insights, even though there is some filter in the cockpit, works very hard to suppress the outside sounds.

Because the hybrid system operates in two modes (including the previous motor rail), sometimes the motor and overall speed are not synchronized with the right foot of the drive. This led to a higher cabinet than we expected at points around Minneapolis. Although Honda was generally more comfortable, the Insight’s engine seemed noisier compared to the Toyota Prius.

2019 Honda Insight EX CVT Engine

This arrangement often does not require any conventional transmission – automatic or continuous automatic variable – and in most cases, the gasoline engine can function as an electric generator. The noticeable difference for most drivers is that the acceleration and effectiveness of the gas engine is not directly proportional. Sometimes the motor can be denser than expected and works very hard to provide regenerative energy to the hybrid system. At other times, the engine may look very comfortable; The hybrid system has enough power to operate without inline-4.

In any case, Insight is a slower tick than other vehicles on the road, roughly consistent with other affordable hybrids such as the Toyota Prius. Our informal tests lasted for about 10 seconds at a speed of 0-60 mph, but 0-30 m is a bit more impressive than the one around the city.

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When crossing or climbing, insight is quieter: for rural areas, two-lane road crossings may require early planning. Insight has a predictable effect, the EV is equipped with sports and ECON modes, but the sports mode does not feel right here. In our tests, the overhaul of Insight to Sport further increased the tractor’s accelerator and engine Rev (not to mention the pipe in some unnecessary engine noise in the cockpit), but it didn’t make the vehicle faster. Switching to Econ mode loosens the throttle response, but it does not seem to push the vehicle more than usual in fully electric mode.

We found that Insight is the best when it is run from the microprocessor; Start the car and go. Honda introduced an Ins kick switch – heavier than usual – about 25 percent of the accelerator pedal is beyond a strong catch that seems uncomfortable – so a comfortable attitude is better at Insight.

2019 Honda Insight EX CVT

The advantages of Insight share the majority of its structural components, including the MacPherson strut front suspension configuration and the multi-link rear suspension, with Honda Civic. Insight takes fluid-filled caps from the top of the Civic and arranges the road behavior so that other compact cars do not have a large budget. The base and EX trim levels have 16-inch wheels with more sidewalls, but our rims behind the 17-inch wheeled versions were challenging.

While Insight is well oriented, the thick ruffle offers a sportier task than the car has to offer. The 11.1-inch large rotors in the front stop the Insight safely and change smoothly between friction and regenerative braking. Honda engineers found an interesting use for the Civic’s steering-window controls: Insight has frantically clicked on three regenerative braking forces. Insight, marked in the most aggressive setting Regen, will not be the only pedal controller for most hosts. This may be disappointing for some experienced green car buyers.

  • Base price $ 24,060
  • Target 895 USD
  • Total Base Price $ 24,955